The statue has been one of the central forms of sculpture for thousands of years. A statue is free-standing and usually shows the whole, upright body of a character. Many gods, rulers or important personalities in history were honoured with the creation of a statue.

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For thousands of years, people have honoured influential personalities or even deities with artistically crafted representations - often in the form of statues. What sets a statue apart from other sculptural forms is that it not only shows details such as the face or the upper body, it rather depicts the character in life-size or even larger-than-life and anatomically complete. Furthermore, a statue is always a free-standing sculpture. There are no limits to the dimensions of statues - for example, the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Hermann Monument in the Teutoburg Forest. However, if the figure is very small, it is usually referred to as a statuette or figurine.

Besides the purely artistic value of a statue, representative and symbolic aspects play a major role. The statues often serve the purpose of honouring the portrayed characters and ensuring a pervasive presence. They are usually placed in central squares or in front of public buildings, where they are clearly visible. Many examples of large sculptures made of stone, clay or marble are known since antiquity, shedding light on the various functions of statues. The representations of rulers or esteemed citizens of a city, for example, served to display the legitimacy of their power, social status, or achievements. However, the statues of gods or mythical figures were reminders of traditions and values and served a purely aesthetic artistic pleasure. Nowadays, the functional aspect of statues usually retreats somewhat into the background in favour of their decorative character.

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