In a time when visual art was still a distant dream for humanity, nature itself created breathtaking, unique works of art. With the fossil replicas from ars mundi, you can travel back to the beginning of creation and buy unmistakable natural art from prehistoric times.


Fossil Replicas

Fossil Replicas - A Look Back to Prehistoric Times

Primeval times or prehistoric times go back millions of years into the past. Back then, animals and plants populated our planet that we can't even imagine today. Researchers worldwide today stumble upon relics from this bygone era by chance.

Fossils serve as important testimonies of the past and help science in reconstructing the history of our planet and evolution. However, those who are interested in art and aesthetics see much more in the sometimes-spectacular remains: The art of prehistory shows us the unimaginable diversity of nature, which already produced fascinating creatures millions of years ago. Many of them survived for only a few years on Earth, while others evolved and still coexist with us today.

Art From Prehistory - Brought to Life Anew

Our fossil replicas capture the unique natural history of our planet. They present some of the most beautiful and impressive fossils in a completely new way - artistically interpreted and effectively staged. This is because each of our fossil replicas is an elaborate cast, some of which are handmade in unique precision work. Depending on the fossil replica you choose to buy, you can choose between lifelike replicas in stone mass, polymer replicas, artificial stones, and many more. In some cases, the fossil replicas have even been finely patinated in order to emphasise the optical features even more. In this way, the fossil replicas present themselves as impressive works of art from prehistoric times. And are thus not only interesting for connoisseurs and lovers of prehistoric earth history.

Pterosaurs and Crinoids - The Unique Motifs of Our Fossil Replicas

The fascination with prehistoric times derives above all, from the fact that we cannot even imagine the life that prevailed on our planet many millions of years ago. With our fossil replicas, we allow you to catch at least a few impressions of the flora and fauna of that time. The motifs are, therefore, wide-ranging: Pterosaurs, crustaceans, fish, and crocodiles are just as much part of our collection as crinoids and the world-famous ammonites. Depending on which of the fossil replicas you would like to buy, the reliefs are suitable for wall installations but can also be aesthetically displayed in a showcase or on a shelf. Please note that all fossil replicas are handmade unique pieces - some of the originals are privately owned or exhibited in museums.