Wall Objects

The wall objects form the bridge between sculpture and painting. They can be hung on the wall like paintings, but they possess a three-dimensional, protruding structure into the space similar to sculptures. Their predecessors in art history are found in reliefs, which adorned temples or sarcophagi even among the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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Wall objects

Wall objects are a combination of sculpture and painting. They can be hung on the wall like paintings, but their sculpturally crafted surface makes them particularly eye-catching. It almost seems as if the pictorial motif of a wall sculpture is brought to life by the three-dimensional structure. Their exceptional visual impact makes wall objects a true focal point in both private living rooms and business spaces.

Wall sculptures originated from reliefs, which have been known in art history for thousands of years. Depending on the degree of prominence of the motif, reliefs are categorised into bas relief, half relief, high relief, and sunk relief. The ancient Greeks and Romans already decorated temples, columns, and sarcophagi with those three-dimensional images. In some cases, they even used very valuable materials such as gold or ivory. In the following centuries, reliefs became particularly popular in sacred art and the architecture of churches. Nowadays, they are rarely found in architectural art but mainly as a genre of their own in the visual arts. Any material that is used in traditional sculpture can be used for the production of wall sculptures. In addition to objects made of stone, wood, plastics or cast stone, metal wall decoration is very popular - whether made of bronze, iron, or steel. In current contemporary art, relief work is often combined with other techniques such as collage, assemblage, or painting.

Classics and Modern Wall Decoration at ars mundi

Here at ars mundi, you will find a wide selection of wall objects to suit any room. The handmade museum replicas featuring centuries-old fossils are real eye-catchers. Not only are they decorative, but they also provide exciting and informative insights into the animal world of times gone by. Furthermore, you will find numerous depictions from early times and antiquity, such as the Roman mural relief "Faune and Bacchante" or the depiction of the "Three Musicians", which was found in the tomb of the Egyptian vizier Rechmire. In addition, reproductions of traditional and well-known motifs such as the wall sculpture "Madonna and Child" or the mural relief "Frederick the Great on Horseback" by Johann Gottfried Schadow are part of our selection. The works by contemporary artists include abstract metal wall decorations by C. Jeré as well as figurative and poetic objects by Klaus Börner. Among the works of current artists, you will also find some particularly striking pieces that are either unique pieces or limited editions of a small number of pieces. These include the work of the German light artist Albert Hien, featuring the neon sign "NEVEREVER", or Marion Eichmann's unusual replicas of chewing gum machines made of paper, wood, and glass.