Sacred Art

Religious motifs have a long tradition in sculpture. Sacred art with the depiction of deities and saints is found in many world religions, for example, in Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism. Christian sculptures often have biblical figures as their theme, such as God, Jesus, or the Virgin Mary.

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Sacral Art

Sacred Art: Religious Motifs - Artfully Crafted

The visual arts and religions have been closely linked for centuries. In almost all major religious communities, artists produce sacred art in the form of paintings, sculptures and buildings. Religions, especially the Christian churches in Europe, had contributed significantly to the further development of the fine arts as a whole because until the 19th century they were among the most important clients for works of art and architecture, along with the nobility. Objects with religious symbolism designed by artists can be found in many different areas. In addition to buildings such as churches, mosques, temples, or synagogues, these also include objects used for liturgies or religious ceremonies such as altars, chalices, or baptismal fonts. Among the most important motifs of sacred sculpture are icons and portraits of gods and saints, such as Christian figures. Many works of sacred art are highly sophisticated, but it is not just a matter of decorative aesthetics. On the one hand, the gods and saints are to be honoured. On the other hand, the faithful are to be reminded of their everlasting presence. Here at ars mundi, you can buy sacred art and Christian figurines. The selection ranges from museum replicas of traditional Christian icons to hand-carved nativity scenes and contemporary interpretations of Christian figures.

Deities and Saints: Pictorial Themes of Sacred Art

The major world religions deal with images of deities and saints in very different ways. In Islam and Judaism, depictions of deities are not permitted, but in Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, they are very widespread. The themes of many Christian sculptures are taken from the Bible. Christian figures often depict Jesus as well as his crucifixion and resurrection, the Virgin Mary or Madonna. In addition to the depictions of biblical figures, Christian culture knows many other important symbols, for example, angels, crosses, doves, or fish. In Buddhism, Buddha is the central image theme of sacred art. In Hinduism, images of deities are also important components of religious culture, for example, Ganesha or Shiva.

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In this section, you can buy sacred art with many different religious motifs. Famous and popular Christian figurines are, for example, the Madonna of Lourdes, the "Pietà" by Michelangelo Buonarroti, the mural relief "Creation of Eve" by Lorenzo Ghiberti or the "Evangelist John" by Tilman Riemenschneider. You can buy these and many other Christian sculptures as high-quality museum replicas at ars mundi. Among the most sold Christian figures are certainly the Christmas nativity scenes. The sculpture has found countless interpretations for them in a wide variety of materials. Especially popular and rich in tradition are Christmas nativity scenes made of wood. Hand-carved and painted by the artist, each figure is a unique piece. You can also buy wooden nativity scenes at ars mundi.