The unique art of Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, and Thailand fascinate people all over the world. Their figures are popular mainly because of their symbolism and exotic appearance. Common motifs of Asian figures include gods such as Buddha or Ganesha as well as mythical creatures such as dragons.

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Asian Sculptures

Buddha, Ganesha, and Dragons: The Sculptures of Asia

This section of Asian Art includes works of art from numerous different East Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Korea. To this day, sculptures, some of which are several thousand years old, are omnipresent in daily life in many Asian countries. Many of Asia's sculptures have their origins in the great world religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Thus, large statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities adorn numerous temples and places of worship. But Asian statues are also very present in the private sphere and in public life on the streets.

Asian Figures: Meanings and Symbolism

Asian figures are not only very popular because of their appearance, but they are also often purchased and given as gifts because of their symbolic meaning. In this context, Buddha, in particular, should be mentioned as a central and well-known figure with great symbolic significance. It is widely known that rubbing the belly of a Buddha figure brings good luck. In addition, Buddha is generally regarded as a symbol of wisdom, enlightenment, tranquillity and sanity. However, its meaning changes depending on the way it is depicted. This depends on whether Buddha is standing, sitting, or lying down and how he holds his hands. The Buddha figure in Buddhism is the Ganesha figure in Hinduism. He represents wisdom and success, harmony, and peace. He protects both the arts and sciences and is generally regarded as a god who eliminates obstacles in life. An equally important and well-known symbol in Asia is the dragon. Depending on the region, it can symbolise different, usually positive qualities. It can be a symbol of wealth, luck, goodness, and intelligence, as well as fertility, health, and power. In addition, Asian cultures know many other figures with great symbolic power, for example, the god Shiva or elephants.

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