Otmar Alt

Otmar Alt was born on July 17, 1940, in Wernigerode, Germany. After studying painting at the Berliner Meisterschule für Kunsthandwerk, and the Berlin University of the Arts, he quickly rose to the artistic avant-garde and is now considered one of Germany's most significant - and incidentally most popular - artists.

Otmar Alt's artistic repertoire ranges from painting and graphic art to sculpture. But he also designs everyday items such as children's toys and fairytale figures made out of ceramics. So far, he has presented his works of art to the European public in over 250 solo exhibitions. Otmar Alt has been inspiring the world of art with his colourful and cheerful works for a long time. As a leading representative of the "New Figuration," he succeeds in taking the viewer into his imaginative dream world.

The symbolic fairytale imagery in Otmar Alt's works evokes memories of a carefree childhood. This is especially evident in his depictions of animals. Due to the strong abstraction in his imagery, the figures appear as fantastical beings. Therefore, the children's books he illustrates appeal not only to the young.

His style, which has developed into a design of its own and sometimes recalls comic strips, is based on the movement of informal painting. Otmar Alt creates an idiosyncratic world of fable populated by imaginatively shaped people, animals and plants. His repertoire of symbols is built up from animal mythological and biomorphic archetypes. The geometric and two-dimensional forms gain a lively effect through the ornamental colourfulness, fitting perfectly together like puzzle pieces.

The successful artist established the Otmar Alt Foundation years ago, using the proceeds from his art to support young artists in many ways, including providing studio space in a Westphalian farmhouse.