Portrait of the designer Olivia Herms - bada&bou


bada&bou is a German-French design label that aims to inspire both children and their parents: playful yet timeless, ba, da, and bou enrich every home as beautiful play furniture.

The journey of "bada&bou" began a few years ago when Olivia Herms became a mother for the first time. As a successful industrial designer, she had previously worked for the stars of the international design scene between Paris, Stockholm and Munich for a long time, and now, with her demands as a mother and designer, she wanted to enrich children's lives with high-quality, durable and beautiful objects. After a long development period in which her own children were both her source of inspiration and testers of the products, she launched her label bada&bou at the end of 2019.

With the rocking whale "ba", the bouncy bunny "da", and the rolling elephant "bou", her first collection combines motoric encouragement for little ones and timeless design that will delight the whole family for a long time and enrich every home. Sustainable play furniture, which is produced in Northern Italy from high-quality materials, invites creative play. Playmates with whom you can romp around but also cuddle and relax.