Since 1999, France; Founder: Emmanuel Nouveau

Pedal cars and ride-on cars in nostalgic vintage design - the metal children's cars not only captivate the little ones but also adults.

The French brand Baghera was founded by Emmanuel Nouveau, whose childhood dream was to become a racing driver. However, instead of training to be a pilot, he started drawing cars for children, inspired by models that had long inspired him. And so, the Baghera brand was born in 1999.

Baghera was founded in 2003 in Versailles, near Paris. Their vision? To revive the dream of old, nostalgic metal children's cars. The family business around Emmanuel Nouveau still designs and develops all its designs in France with great attention to detail. The demand for all products is first-class production, quality and safety. Many hours of work go into the production of high-quality, durable cars. Instead of plastic, Baghera deliberately uses metal. The result? Children's classics with nostalgic charm and longevity because of stability, robustness, as well as maximum durability. This means that the cars can even be passed on to the next generation instead of ending up in the trash.

The manufacturer of the retro cars convinces with smart details such as adjustable seats and pedals, as well as the supply of spare parts. In addition, there are many lovingly designed little things like bells on fire engines, pretty paintwork with aesthetic lettering, personalisable stickers and matching accessories.