Portrait of the artist Michael Bajer

Michael Bajer

Michael Bajer (born in 1985) is a German-based artist, whose paintings have been featured in publications such as the "Art of Watercolour Magazine". His pictures are inspired by humans and nature, which form the most powerful relationship that can be expressed through art.

Michael Bajer aims to depict the beauty and realism of subjects that surround or captivate him. The appearance of the subject is rearranged and sometimes deconstructed, giving the motif an exciting and enigmatic effect. This reflects the increasing distractedness of today's world. He describes his distinctive style as "disrupted realism".

"For me, art is craftsmanship and daily work. But it is also an opportunity to express my inner self and create something that brings happiness to myself and others." (Michael Bajer)

Michael Bajer completed his artistic training at the Paris Academy of Art.