Stephan Balkenhol

In the field of figurative sculpture, Stephan Balkenhol is one of Germany's most significant and internationally successful artists. Collectors all over the world covet his works. Especially in the USA, he and his works are popular. The prices for his works are consistently rising.

The human being is the focus of his works. Balkenhol deliberately avoids the clear depiction of emotions in the faces of his figures. He refuses to dictate specific feelings and interpretations. The viewer is encouraged to discover the stories behind the faces that gaze into nothingness.

Wood is the artist's favourite material. Soft woods such as poplar or wawa wood allow the artist to precisely carve out the faces of his figures. The material always remains recognisable, and the processing retains a rough structure beneath the painted surface.

Stephan Balkenhol, born in Fritzlar, Germany in 1957, studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His work is celebrated in exhibitions in major art capitals such as New York, Tokyo, London, Madrid and Berlin.