Herbert Beck

Herbert Beck (1920-2010) studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Leipzig, Germany, after training as a goldsmith. He lived and worked as a freelance artist at Lake Tegernsee and in the Italian municipality of Laigueglia.

His work is characterised by colour: Fascinated by the Expressionists, Beck developed his distinctive watercolour technique over the decades, in which he made the colours seem to glow. For his paintings, he heavily diluted oil paint with turpentine, achieving a glazed, shimmering colouration. In 1984, he suffered a serious illness, probably caused by turpentine poisoning.

After his recovery, he left the field of oil painting and concentrated exclusively on watercolour painting in the following years. During this time, he produced unusually large-format and dense works for this technique.

His works were last exhibited in 2018 at the exhibition "Herbert Beck meets Emil Nolde. Inspiration and Realisation" at the Olaf Gulbransson Museum in Tegernsee.