Ralf Bergner

Born in 1953, painter, graphic artist and illustrator

The director of the graphic collection Albertina Vienna, Walter Koschatzky, called Ralf Bergner, who now lives in Berlin, "a draughtsman of the best size". He studied painting and graphic art under Frank Ruddigkeit and Willi Sitte in Halle, Saale, Germany. During early study visits to the Austrian capital, Bergner was introduced to artists such as Paul Flora and Alfred Hrdlicka, who praised his skills and valued him as a collector.

Bergner's work is about people. At first, his sensitive studies were comical, cheerful and whimsical and eventually became satirical. His newly invented proportions accentuate his view of things and the props drape them.

Not only the rugged clarity but also the many delicate details are fascinating in his work. The many collections featuring his coloured drawings, etchings and the series he produced for famous German magazines testify his special talent. Connoisseurs rank his works in the same league as the graphic work of Busch, Zille and Grosz.