The artist Manfred Binzer and one of his works

Manfred Binzer

The works of the artist Manfred Binzer, who lives in Mannheim, Germany (born in 1961), deal with the search for boundaries and the longing for freedom and infinity. They are compositions that never stand still; individual elements are connected, react to each other, and are in constant exchange with each other. There is always something new, something unknown, which is communicated to the viewer.

Through his deliberate use of colour and the deployment of subtle to strikingly bold, as well as transparent and opaque colour fields, Binzer's works have the quality of generating space. This "spatial character" occurs through the transparency and the apparent "weightlessness" of the compositions. A kind of "window" forms within the rooms, which is a constantly changing stage that faces into a picture space of its own.

Manfred Binzer's works can be found in art halls, and private and public collections and have already been shown in numerous exhibitions and galleries.