Portrait of the artist Sibylle Bross

Sibylle Bross

Painting is a highly intuitive, dynamic, and very personal process for the German artist Sibylle Bross. Her oeuvre includes expressive and colour-intensive portraits, nudes, landscapes, human paintings and still lifes - sometimes powerful and impulsive, sometimes sensitive, and harmonious.

Bross finds inspiration for her works through personal experiences and impressions. "I can only pass on what I really experience intensively. I have to be in the moment I'm working so intensely that I only feel and hear myself." When she starts working on a painting, she first creates abstract and almost chaotic structures with bold brushstrokes. Only in the further course of the work process, the picture becomes concrete. "Colour and rhythm are the motors for the construction of the picture", says Bross. One of her works is only complete when it conveys the desired mood when the "mood has become a form". And even though Sibylle Bross infuses a lot of herself to flow into her work, it seems that the pictures still leave room for the sensations of the audience. "I want the viewers to immerse themselves in my paintings."

Bross works mainly using oil on canvas, but also acrylics, watercolours or chalk and pencil on paper. Which technique she ends up using is decided according to the respective theme and the desired effects.

Sibylle Bross, born in 1959, completed her artistic training at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany. She began exhibiting her work in her mid-20s and since then has regularly shown her work nationally and internationally. Her art has already been honoured with numerous prizes, scholarships, and awards at home and abroad. In addition to painting, she works on book and film projects and shares her knowledge in courses and workshops.

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