Namazbek Chekirov

Namazbek Chekirov was born on 6 February 1979 in the former Soviet Republic in a remote region of Kyrgyzstan. From an early age, he was fascinated by painting nature, especially flowers, animals, as well as landscapes and cities. His paintings are extraordinary impressions with true-to-the-original details. In his paintings, time seems to stand still and yet they captivate us with their striking visual appeal and subtleties. Another focus of his work is also figurative painting.

When Chekirov visited New York for the first time, he was simply overwhelmed. Immediately, almost obsessively, he began photographing houses and city districts and transforming them into paintings. By viewing the picture we can sense his fascination. He portrays New York as a melting pot of cultures, as the light-flooded heartbeat of modernity. In unobtrusive yet powerful colours, he creates very special big-city impressions that succeed in capturing the movement of the moment using a modern formal language.