Chen Jinqing

The Chinese sculptor Chen Jinqing creates an atmosphere full of emotion and spirituality in his works. His figurative, finely crafted bronze sculptures are characterised by a very poetic formal language and a great symbolic and philosophical sense.

Chen Jinqing crafts figurative motifs such as people, but also animals or elements from nature such as trees or fruit. Even though he varies in his choice of motifs, the connection to nature and the purity and genuineness of the human soul are the focuses of all his works. Therefore, Chen Jinqing often finds his inspiration in childhood. He tries to recall childlike cheerfulness, light-heartedness and fantasy, which are fading while becoming adults.

Chen Jinqing, born in 1982 in Quanzhou, lives and works in Beijing. He exhibited his first works in his early 20s, since then he has had regular solo and group exhibitions and is represented in numerous collections in Asia as well as in Europe and the USA.