Chen Wenling

The sculptor Chen Wenling, born in Fujian in 1969, is currently one of China's most important contemporary artists. His sculptures and installations have been continuously successful not only in his own country but also internationally.

He studied art and design and has been exhibiting his works regularly at home and abroad since 2001. As a winner of numerous awards, he was represented at Art Basel, the Shanghai Biennale and the renowned open-air exhibitions "Sculpture by the Sea" in Sydney, Perth and Aarhus. In Germany, his work was last exhibited in 2012 as part of a presentation of contemporary Chinese art in Kassel. He is also represented in collections in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. He lives and works as a professional artist in Beijing.

Chen Wenling deals with various current but also timeless themes in his works, e.g. changes within society, the nature of human beings or the growing consumerism. His life-size sculptures are full of symbolism and combine critical commentary with subtle humour. The somewhat grotesque exaggerated motifs are particularly striking for the viewer.