Stefan Dobritz

Stefan Dobritz is fascinated by the landscape of northern Germany with its bright yellow canola fields, the rugged coastline with its foamy waves and the illuminated harbour views.

Born in Lübeck, Germany, in 1965, the artist was profoundly influenced and inspired by his encounter with the painter Jürgen Runge (1929-92). As a plein air painter, he usually creates his works on-site, working exclusively with the palette knife. This painting technique allows him to work impulsively as well as to elaborate details conscientiously.

With the depiction of the charming effects of light and shadow, the well-proportioned picture details as well as his search for complementary intensive colour compositions, Dobritz impressively works out the "beauty of the special moment" which is inherent in every motif. With his sometimes reduced and striking, but always calm visual language, the artist succeeds in focussing the viewer's thoughts on moods and their romantic worlds of experience.