The works of duckpool (born in 1960) alias Karsten Rische are created from a combination of different techniques such as acrylic painting and different ways of applying colour pigments. After studying photography in Dortmund, Germany and becoming artistically involved with the photographic depiction of structures and surfaces, he has been creating, since 2000, large-format canvas works which are inspired by the graffiti scene of the 1970s and 1980s in the Ruhr region.

Due to the intensive contact to the international comic drawing scene, the German Walt Disney Company became aware of duckpool's works and techniques. The result: Numerous commissioned works by Disney, but also Disneyland Paris, in which mainly the historical Disney characters such as Donald, Mickey and Minnie are illustrated in the above-mentioned techniques.

It is always astonishing to see the positive effect that these figures have on the viewer in their large format on canvas - real sympathetic figures who have accompanied us since our youth.

Duckpool was born in Dortmund and now lives and works near Aachen.

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