Peter Elsner

Colourful joie de vivre on canvas

"You can't be sad with a picture like that in your room," said a visitor of a Peter Elsner exhibition. Peter Elsner paints "MENSCHchEN" (eng. PEOplE), as he calls them himself. The pictures are created in a field of tension of colours, forms and partly also texts. In the middle of it all, are his MENSCHchEN: simplified, comic-like, naïve, cute. With their open arms, they symbolise openness and directness, which can only be found in children. The MENSCHchEN look at us and challenge us in a very unique way: their laughter is contagious.

"I wasn't looking for the MENSCHchEn. They have found me, crept into the pictures and pushed other contents out of the pictures. They are an expression of the chaos or coincidence in many things in life, which cannot be influenced - even with the best of planning. But they are also what makes life interesting, varied and exciting.