Portrait of the artist Fabian Ewert

Fabian Ewert

Fabian Ewert, a graphic designer, and trained carpenter who grew up in South Africa, makes wall sculptures out of wood using classical sculpting tools. The mainly rectangular sculptures, which are also accentuated with acrylic paint, have a very pictorial appearance. When looking at his works, one may ask: "Is this still a sculpture, or is it already a painting?"

He is always driven by creative restlessness and explores abstract ideas and thoughts. In search of that special something, he reaches for a soulful depth that is captured within the crafting process. The physical contact with the wood, the working into the material with hand tools in a subtractive process and the intuitive dialogue with the natural material are decisive production-aesthetic aspects in Fabian Ewert's art.

A unique feature of the wall sculptures is the subtle but effective variability in their appearance, caused by different light influences and the corresponding formation of shadows.

The works bear no titles in order to allow the viewer free and uninfluenced access without unnecessarily steering him in a predetermined direction. Only the year and serial number identify the individual works.