Oliver Franneck

Nude sculptures with elegance and transparency: German sculptor Oliver Franneck places the forms of the female body at the centre of his works. What makes his work unique is that he assembles the surface structures of his sculptures from many other small objects, such as stars or butterflies. The resulting transparent design allows for a fascinating interplay of light and shadow.

In the artistic process, Franneck first sketches the silhouettes of the fragments by hand. He then uses these templates to cut the contours with a laser from metal. Finally, he assembles the individual parts in the shape of the female nude. In this last step, Franneck works entirely intuitively, turning each sculpture into a unique piece with a unique structure.

Born in 1967, Oliver Franneck studied media design in Munich, Germany. Prior to this, he trained as a metalworker. He combines both skills in his art. This symbiosis results in innovative works with perfect craftsmanship.

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