Klaus Fußmann

The painter and graphic artist Klaus Fußmann, born in 1938, belongs to the first group of contemporary artists in Germany. He made a name for himself with his landscape paintings, still lifes and flowers that impress with their blaze of colours and expressive forms that almost lean towards the abstract. He offers a subjective, emotional view on nature, for which he has to exaggerate: "If it's accurate, it's incredibly boring."

His oeuvre includes impasto oil paintings, but also etchings, lithographs, linoleum prints and watercolours. In his paintings, Klaus Fußmann rediscovers the shape of flowers and landscapes – just like in perfunctory dreams in which clear structures and outlines merge, he models a literal floral frenzy and uses the splendour of colours to do so: "No ink is as blue as the delphinium and no fire as red as the geranium."

The city of Gelting close to the Baltic Sea is the adopted home of the artists and offers him enough inspiration for motifs, which he captures on paper in all their vividness. His gouaches are entirely produced according to the tradition of Emil Nolde and Lovis Corinth, whereby the stems or stamens of the flowers are completely lost in the sea of blossoms in Fußmann's massive formal language.

Many renowned art houses exhibit his works. In 1996 for example, Fußmann was the first artist to be allowed to exhibit in the German Chancellery in Bonn. From 1974 to 2005, he was a professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.