Portrait of the artist Stéphane Gautier

Stéphane Gautier

Pop Art for the 21st Century: Stéphane Gautier's artistic roots are unmistakably linked to legends such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. However, the French artist does not merely copy his role models but develops a very contemporary and innovative interpretation of Pop Art.

For his motifs and objects, he draws inspiration from brand logos, art and cultural history, celebrities, luxury and consumer goods, animals, and everyday objects. His skill lies in placing these set pieces in new contexts and combining them in unexpected ways. For example, he creates the American flag out of countless gummy bears or builds a large red heart out of numerous small toy soldiers.

Gautier's art is entertaining and easily accessible, but never arbitrary or superficial. Instead, his works contain humour and irony as well as subtle social criticism. He consistently transcends the traditional genres of painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, design, and installation in his work often mixing techniques and materials.

Born in 1973, Stéphane Gautier has been highly successful as an independent artist for many years. He has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions and at art fairs in many countries around the world.