Alberto Giacometti


Born in Borgonovo, Switzerland, Alberto Giacometti is one of the most important artists of the 20th century.

Giacometti was focused on capturing reality in all its complexity, the main subject of his work being the existential depiction of human beings. In the 1930s he was already one of the leading figures of Surrealism but it was not until after the war that his real artistic legacy emerged. Drawing people in the streets inspired him to create his large, thin sculptures – spaced-out, almost disembodied figures that express distance and proximity at the same time.

Today, Giacometti's works are celebrated highlights of all the world's great collections and museums. At auctions, his large bronzes are rarely valued at less than 2-digit million. His "L'Homme qui marche I" (eng.: "The Striding Man I") appear on the current 100 Swiss franc banknote.