Günther Hermann setting up the blue plate

Günther Hermann


The nature studies of the painter and graphic artist Günther Hermann are characterised by an outstanding old-masterly technique, which only a few artists have mastered today.

Günther Hermann's preferred graphic technique was the aquatint, which is a variant of etching that produces half-tones. This intaglio technique, invented in the Romantic period, is suitable for reproducing delicate half-tones. Aquatint graphics resemble washed ink drawings and is considered one of the most difficult but also most painterly techniques existing. It was used by artists such as Francisco Goya and Joan Miró. As aquatint plates are particularly sensitive, they are only suitable for very limited editions – and are thus particularly interesting for collectors and connoisseurs.

From 2005 to 2007 Günther Hermann was a lecturer at the Institute for Art Education at the University of Gießen. Many of his works are found in private ownership and public collections.

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