Stefan Heyer

"With my landscapes, I reach for the unseen, the dark matter, the sounds of the earth. The pictures are from another - my - dimension, they are like mind maps for astral travellers, the ghostly realism of a dream," Stefan Heyer said in an interview.

The artist brings together oil paints, and oil crayons as well as photos and coloured pencils on cardboard to create his very own pictorial-gestural cosmos for his mixed media works - Heyer describes the medium of collage as his "material fetish".

His starting point is usually architectural or figurative photos, which he brings onto the surface of the picture and on the basis of which he retells the story in an abstract form or gives it a form in the first place. Although Heyer prefers the messages of his pictures to remain enigmatic and thought-provoking, he does cite some sources of inspiration for his work, such as pop cultural influences, political themes, or postmodern alienation.

His fascination with architecture and history also permeates his work - they seem like "fragments from the past and present floating through my pictures, like ghosts and echoes from another time and dimension."

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