Brigitte Hoeppe

Brigitte Hoeppe was born in Neumark, Germany in 1941. After studying social sciences, she married and moved to Southeast Asia in 1965. There she studied painting and graphic arts in Manila and Singapore.

As a master student of Dr Chen Wen Hsi and Madam Che Cheng Lin, she learned in a disciplined manner the artistic canon of Chinese painting, which includes landscapes, still lifes and flowers. Paintings that are full of graphic clarity without digressing from the essential. Painting as a form of meditation, as a means of sharpening the senses.

She undertook study trips to Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Hong Kong and numerous European countries. Starting from the strict Chinese watercolour painting, she has found her own style. Powerful, intensive colours and expressive visual language characterise Brigitte Hoeppe's works. Her preferred motifs are still lifes in nature. Deep blue tones combine to create beautiful, expressive compositions and seascapes.

More than 90 exhibitions have been held nationally and internationally, including in Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, New York, Paris, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Singapore and Zurich.

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