Since 1968, Denmark; Designer: Hans Gustav Ehrenreich

"Make every day a little more joyful!" - is the motto of the little Hoptimists. The abstract design figures, which are equipped with a steel spring, bounce happily once they have been pushed and bring a smile onto the faces of their observers. And so the bouncing optimists have become Hoptimists, which are now considered design classics.

The Danish woodturner Hans Gustav Ehrenreich developed the prototype in 1968 in his workshop "Ehrenreichs Trækunst" in Stilling, near Aarhus. The idea was to draw the Hoptimists from a circle and an ellipse. He presented his first designs, the friends called Bimble and Bumble hopping on feathers, in strong colours and harmonious, round shapes. As the 1960s loomed into a turbulent decade, his cheerful Hoptimist movement was to be an eternal reminder to stay positive and optimistic. The figures became so popular that Ehrenreich soon could no longer keep up with production in his small workshop.

In 2009, a Danish design company relaunched the Hoptimists under the label "Hoptimist" and further developed them. The male and female classics were joined by new characters for different occasions, including animals, Christmas motifs or a bride and groom. In addition to wood, some figures are also available in glossy-coated plastic. But one thing has never changed: They all spread a good mood when you watch them.