The artist Birgit Horn in her studio

Birgit Horn

Birgit Horn is an internationally exhibiting artist from near Hamburg.

As a freelance artist, she addresses questions in her realistic oil paintings, examining them from different perspectives in her series of pictures. Her paintings are the result of her feelings and reflections on the current societal situation. Questions such as "What can we do differently as human beings?", "What can we change as a community?" and "How do we treat our world?" are at the centre of her artistic exploration.

Before creating each painting, she develops scenes, often with symbolic motifs, serving as a foundation for her oil paintings. The motifs manifest themselves on the canvas in a realistic and detailed manner. In her art, she uses surrealistic elements, deliberately employs contrasts and colour breaks, integrates screen printing elements, and manipulates proportions to capture the viewer's attention.

Moreover, she designs and builds sustainable objects and pieces of furniture from recycled materials and has appeared several times on German television as an upcycling artist.

Her art has been shown nationally and internationally, including in the USA (Miami, New York), South Korea (Geoje), Poland (Wagrowiec) and Germany (Wiesbaden, Cologne, Hamburg, Lunenburg, Dortmund, Stuttgart).