The painter Kaikaoss in the studio


The painter Kaikaoss was born in Kabul in 1965, where he also received his first artistic training. He completed his art studies in Minsk, Belarus. This is also where his works were exhibited for the first time. Kaikaoss has lived and worked as a freelance artist in Germany since 1991. Since then, his works have been presented at numerous joint and solo exhibitions in Germany and Paris.

His style based on the surrealism of classical modernism. The influence of his idols Picasso and Magritte are obvious. He adopts their elements without, copying them. He creates independent masterpieces in a great tradition.

What distinguishes him from other artists is his profound technique and his pictorial intelligence. Kaikaoss's realistically painted pictures seem completely logical at first glance. But what at first seems "right" is doubted on closer inspection. In this way, the artist plays with our perceptual expectations in a sophisticated way.