Ben Kamili

Landscapes and flowers within reach

It seems as if it is not enough for Ben Kamili (born in 1969) just to paint a landscape. The German-Albanian plein air painter restores a physicality to his painting through the impasto application of paint. Using lush reflections of light and capturing the essence of the motif, Kamili thus creates a new landscape that now exists on the canvas.

His sensually expressive compositions are based on a profound understanding of drawing. While still studying at school, his drawings and watercolours were already exhibited. At the age of 18, he participated for the first time in a group exhibition at K.P Tetove. After moving to the German capital, he studied materials science at the Technical University of Berlin starting in 1996. In addition, he studied free painting at the Berlin University of the Arts from 1998 to 2004. Since then, the artist has presented his characteristic landscape subjects in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

For a long time, Kamili has been fascinated by German landscapes in his artistic work. Beyond the surroundings of his hometown Berlin, has also focused on the North German seaside resort Weserland and repeatedly the islands of Sylt and Usedom.

In his flower paintings, he continues his methodology and thus forms a very own, abstracted interpretation from a motif of nature, in which colour dominates over form. In his series "Sylt Roses", the artist brings the two motif worlds together to a certain extent – on the one hand, because the floral artwork was created on Sylt and, on the other hand, because he virtually develops a new landscape from the rose motif.