Christian KERA Hinz

Geometric forms that combine to form both spatial and abstract designs are characteristic of Christian Hinz, who was born in Berlin in 1885. With the artist's name KERA, he makes grey washed concrete façades disappear under flat, stencil-like fields of colour. He loves working on large surfaces, which set the scene for his designs particularly strongly.

Hinz completed his graphic design studies in his hometown in 2012. He develops his designs on the computer and then applies them with a brush, spray can and wall paint on building facades mostly for festivals, in cities such as Berlin, Hanover, Munich and Würzburg. His works are a mixture of styles, such as Op Art, Colorfield Paintings and Hard Edge Paintings, which is a technique that is characterised by their sharply delineated colour fields, which can also be found in KERA's works.

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