Portrait of the artist Axel Kostorz

Axel Kostorz

The artist and architect Axel Kostorz has been living and working in Munich for over twenty years. The rather strict and constructive artistic form concept of geometry stems from his professional background as an architect. Painting represents a special place for him.

He creates his works with acrylic paint on and behind acrylic glass. His technique involves a free and impulsive interplay of colours, lines and shapes, while his motif is to merge order and disorder. Generally, his works start with an idea, a certain concept or at least an imagined framework. During the process, this inevitably changes, resulting in new combinations of planned elements and those that spontaneously develop.

Since 2018, his works have been exhibited in galleries and at art fairs in Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Lisbon, New York, St. Moritz, Roermond and Amsterdam. Further exhibitions in Cologne, Venice, Paris and Munich are planned.

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