Portrait of the artist Michael Krähmer

Michael Krähmer

Michael Krähmer's landscapes look like real places, and that is due to the enormous effort the artist puts into his craftsmanship. Krähmer (born in 1952) has learned the painting technique of the Old Masters and creates his mostly large-format works using the time-consuming resin oil glaze technique, in which the paint is applied in many wafer-thin layers on top of each other. Weeks of work produce pictures that appear almost photorealistic and are striking for their almost three-dimensional depth.

But they captivate the viewer above all through their atmospheric density. This is what the artist is all about: it is not the landscape per se but the atmosphere it conveys that is essential. And so the question of "reality" is not important to him; it is only the silence, the almost meditative devotion, that his works exude.

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