André Krigar

André Krigar (born in 1952) studied painting at the Berlin University of the Arts and, along with Christoph Bouet and Ben Kamili, belongs to the new school of German plein air painters. His paintings depict everyday scenes using impasto and light brushstrokes that are brought directly onto the canvas – confusingly colourful, realistic and so expressive, typical of Krigar's style.

Since 1992, Krigar has belonged to the artist group of the North German Realists. Together they engaged in various painting campaigns, for example on board of the German Navy ship the Gorch Fock, at the Hamburg Airport, in the Federal Council Building of Germany called the Bundesrat or in the trenches of the First World War at Hartmannsweiler Kopf. André Krigar was awarded the Rembrandt Painting Award in 2008.

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