Alex Krull

In the light of reflections

"The profound beauty of the banality" is the central theme of artist Alex Krull, who was born in 1970. In 2015, she won the artist window competition "Water Worlds". She is fascinated by colourless matters, which transforms into dazzlingly colourful works of art only through light. The painting lecturer "captures moments in which natural abstraction creates its very own, magnificent pictorial motifs".

The continuum of her pictorial composition is the contrast between the strict geometry of the pools and the organically flowing movement of the water, which distorts all forms and straight lines into playful figures, creating a uniquely complex aesthetic that cannot be reproduced in reality. The art of painting does not know this limit, and so Alex Krull's works capture precisely these fleeting moments.

Central pictorial elements are random, almost ornamented forms, the kind we know but hardly notice. With her pictures, the artist fixes precisely these multifaceted moments without wanting to emphasise something in particular. She leaves room for her interpretation but at the same time distances herself from it: "My works do not have a deeper statement; I am only interested in aesthetics. That sounds superficial, and that's exactly how it's intended." Seeing, contemplating, immersing. That's what Alex Krull’s art is all about.

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