Portrait of the Hamburg artist Ulla Kutter

Ulla Kutter

"The process of colour-sensitive, soft and slow painting contrasts with the speed and indifference of everyday life. I absorb my surroundings and make art out of it."

Ulla Kutter's perception of her surroundings is shaped by a focus on discordant compositions and their aesthetics. The Hamburg-based painter portrays the broken, chaotic and luminous aspects of everyday life in the city. Through her paintings, she creates possibilities for different levels of perception. Her focus lies on the fascinating everyday scenes that most people miss because they want to get to their destination as fast as possible or are even thinking of other things. She takes a lot of her own photos to find a very condensed scene. She often uses several photos for only one picture. After a quick preliminary sketch, these cityscapes are painted with oil in two layers using an old technique. The less pretty and picturesque the surroundings are, the more exciting they are for Ulla Kutter.

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