Portrait of the artist Nicole Leidenfrost

Nicole Leidenfrost

The works of freelance artist Nicole Leidenfrost, born in Berlin in 1974 and now living in Thuringia, are characterised by their strong drawing lines, expressive brushstrokes, and bold colours.

In 2015, the artist received a special honour: German President Gauck gifted her work "The Horse in Royalblue" to Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Germany. The painting is now part of the "Royal Collection Trust" art collection and has its home in Buckingham Palace.

In 2020, Nicole Leidenfrost graduated with a diploma from the "Drawing and Painting" course with Prof. Markus Lüpertz at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Alte Spinnerei Kolbermoor. The artist successfully passed the master class with Lüpertz in 2022.

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