Andreas Lemberg

The works of Andreas Lemberg are energetic optical colour explosions, unique in their style and absolutely unmistakable. Lemberg's motifs spring from the present, from everyday life. His motifs are a consistent further development of Pop Art in the sense of Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns.

The artist uses a flat spatula to work on the naturalistic motifs painted in bright colours. This gives his paintings a signature feature that makes the motifs appear deliberately blurred, calculatedly unfocused, and forces the viewer to pay closer attention. Today, Lemberg is regarded as one of the most upcoming of German origin.

Even though New York is the artist's ideal city, he lives and works alternately in Germany and Italy. The pulsating life of the sleepless metropolis, the self-confident will of freedom of New Yorkers, the restless energy and the neon colours of the night fascinate Lemberg more than any other city.

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