Marta Lipowska

Polish painter, born 1978 in Jrdrzejow

The Polish painter Marta Lipowska creates moments of light-flooded easiness by creating moving seas made of coloured surfaces in different intensities. Some aspects may be reminiscent of Romantic Realism or Expressionism, others of the Impressionist dissection of light. With the paintings of this young Polish painter, we encounter a contemporary pictorial analysis by means of virtuously juxtaposed colour surfaces. Therefore, Marta Lipowska follows the tradition of the Polish colourists.

The academically trained artist, who has won several awards, wants to capture the mood of the moment and carefree everyday situations, with colour and light and lets them live on in her paintings.

In the ranking list "Young Art Compass", Marta Lipowska was attested to an outstanding artistic perspective in the group of artists under 35.