The artist Carmen Lütkehaus in the studio

Carmen Lütkehaus

Carmen Lütkehaus loves art with all its rough edges. Art connoisseurs hold the German in high esteem and consider her an aspiring artist. Above all, imagination is what inspires her - her imagination, which was attributed to her at a young age, that she can live out and express in her paintings.

Lütkehaus does not follow a strategic approach when painting. She rather entirely let her emotions guide her - and every time, she is surprised by the result. Therefore, her paintings are at times abstract, and at other times figurative or even influenced by landscapes. She says that her motivation is "to bring a blank canvas to life". "Sometimes I have colours in my head, then I mix them, and only after the third or fourth brushstroke do I get a sense of where my imagination is leading me." Lütkehaus wants to inspire viewers with her art and leave them plenty of room for their personal interpretations.

"My art is a journey through the diversity of human experience. With bold colours and dynamic compositions, I try to capture the essence of emotions and moments. Each work is an invitation to the viewer to pause and discover the hidden stories and meanings that are concealed in the layers of colour and texture."

Her works are exhibited nationally and internationally.