Andreas Lutherer

The works of the artist Andreas Lutherer, born in Mönchengladbach, Germany, in 1962, are characterised by a symbiotic interaction between humankind and their environment.

In his photo prints, he processes only one motif at a time, which he dissolves to infinity in colour and structure. The viewer is encouraged to decipher the molecules of the pictorial language and to reassemble the motif into something familiar. In this way, everyone creates their own picture.

In 2010, he undertook a paradigm shift. His œuvre became more representational. The new works amaze with astonishing effects. Nature inspires Andreas Lutherer to create fascinating works. Several glass layers create the shadow effect of his detailed motifs, which the artist skilfully joins together in his unique technique, thus creating a depth whose effect is simply impossible to resist.

Today, Lutherer is renowned and has realised numerous commissioned works for large companies and regularly exhibits at home and abroad.