Portrait of the artist Susanne Meyer

Susanne Meyer

The artist Susanne Meyer has been passionately painting for as long as she can remember. Her pictures thrive on the contrasting and imaginative interplay between colours, surfaces, and lines. Each of her artworks is the result of an intensive creative process. She applies and discards layer after layer. The surfaces and colours are superimposed and blend into each other. For the artist, the pleasure of experimenting is perceptible and important. Especially interesting is the constant change and discarding, which brings a unique dynamic into the pictures and makes them seem alive. All this results in a mysterious, abstract interplay.

Since 1999, the artist has been intensively engaged in painting. In studies, courses, and seminars, among others at the Münchener Malakademie, the Bad Reichenhall Art Academy, the Kolbermoor Art Academy and the freien Kunstakademie Augsburg, Susanne Meyer has constantly expanded her knowledge in experimental studies. In addition, she has deepened her artistic development in further training courses with various artists in Germany and abroad.