Portrait of the artist Christine Müller

Christine Müller

Christine Müller's mostly large-format works unite a cheerfully positive aura. Whether a sea of flowers, a spring meadow or the pictorial translation of a piece of music by Debussy, the painter's works are always bursting with vitality and dynamism. The seemingly fleeting and spontaneous way of working with impasto brushstrokes finds its art historical reference in abstract expressionism.

Works by famous composers such as Chopin, Ravel or Tchaikovsky inspires the artist. She translates her spontaneous associations with music into an impulsive pictorial language of surreal-looking forms and structures in a wide range of colours. And despite all the superficial abstraction, figurative elements such as faces and figures can be recognised from time to time in the sea of colour on closer inspection. Müller says that she tries to get close to the essence of music in her paintings.

Christine Müller (born in 1969) studied fine arts under Prof. Brembs, Prof. K. Jürgen Fischer and Werner Schmidt at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. The artist lives and works in Hofgeismar, Germany. Her works can be found in the Würth Collection, among others.

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