Otto Mueller


Otto Mueller was one of the most important representatives of German Expressionism. According to reports by contemporaries, he was a taciturn, withdrawn, even stubborn person. Even though he was a member of the artists’ group "Die Brücke" since 1910, Mueller went his own way artistically. In many stylistic elements, his work is very similar to that of his fellow artists’ group members, but it differs from them in its emphasis on naturalness. Because of his artistic search for the "paradisiacal" in the connection between humans and nature, he was considered an expressionistic romantic.

Mueller was a close friend of the also introverted Wilhelm Lehmbruck. His female nudes set in earthy green landscapes are famous. So are the numerous versions of a theme that preoccupied him throughout his life: the half-exotic, half-fantastic-looking "gipsy" portraits. But his landscape paintings also reveal his independence. Their two-dimensional structured elements in muted colours and their strictly composed composition, are comparable to the great late work of Paula Modersohn-Becker.