Hermann Nitsch

Born in 1938

He is the last Viennese Actionist of the Marquise de Sade art. Hermann Nitsch's fascination with blood and viscera has remained constant since 1957. With his "Orgien-Mysterien-Theater" (eng.: Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries), for which the idea was born in the early 1960s, the artist continues to cause divided opinions to this day The artist acquired the Prinzendorf Castle in Austria. Since 1977, the Gesamtkunstwerk, which fuses painting, music, architecture, sacrificial rituals and religious aspects, has been produced and staged there.

Nitsch challenges the viewer to reflect by using an excess of disgust. Those who allow the scenery to take effect on them and deal with it reflectively can transfer it to human existence and action, thus revising the supposedly offensive content.

In his later paintings, the artist, who has since received numerous awards, explores the symbolic content of colours.