Portrait of the artist Michael Nonn

Michael Nonn

Michael Nonn, born in 1962, is a border crosser in a different sense. He studied geosciences and economics, and it was not until he was 32 years old that he finally decided to pursue art as a career. At that time, he had already been active as an artist for many years, especially during his studies. The step into art, therefore, did not signify a completely "new" path, but merely the final crossing of a border.

Much of this courage to cross borders can also be felt in his aesthetics. He is, therefore, a crossover artist. Nonn combines drawing and painting, delicate brushstrokes with large-scale texture and overpainting. In his work, he mainly reflects on people and their actions. His motifs are often based on contours of faces or bodies, which he modifies through drawing elements and overpainting. This results in multi-layered and colourful works with an intense, harmonious aesthetic.