Michael Pickl

Born in 1971, sculptor

The philosopher Immanuel Kant from Königsberg, Germany, once wrote that man is carved out of such crooked wood that nothing straight can be fashioned. The sculptor Michael Pickl (born 1971) from Kastl, Germany, proves quite unmetaphorically that is not true: no wood is too crooked for him not to create a human being, a very modern one at that.

With a coarse carving iron and the finest of knives, Pickl creates sculptures of utterly contemporary men and women, such as we might encounter on the street every day, and portrays them in moments of relaxation and happiness.

With his wooden sculptures, which clearly show the traces of workmanship and yet are filigree and colourfully painted, the graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg has already been represented at numerous exhibitions, including several times at the Neue Kunstsalon in the Haus der Kunst in Munich.