Portrait of the artist Marc Podawczyk

Marc Podawczyk

Marc Podawczyk (born in 1971 in Dortmund, Germany) is a German painter who studied at art academies in Münster and Düsseldorf, ultimately as a master-class student. He lives and works in Dortmund.

Marc Podawczyk is a painter who is constantly searching for an authentic, painterly expression of himself. A few years ago, it was computer-generated constructs and colour strips (see the V-MD X series, Stripes) that reflected his organising spirit, but now it is his impressive, completely free-form works that make him appear as if liberated internally.

Through densely interwoven, varying applications of colour, he creates fantastically surreal pictorial spaces with references to nature. Intuition and improvisation determine the painting process. The spontaneity of this fast and sometimes reckless painting, with its breaks and distortions, evokes an intense dream world where events are constantly changing. The external view of the picture and the "inner mind's eye" merge. The picture shifts from optical proximity to mental distance. Associations are evoked and things flash up and disappear again, like a dream, giving the series its name: Dreamer (DRMR).